Exporting Scenes

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Details to keep in mind when exporting Unity Scenes

  • Ensure that your project settings have all necessary graphics pipelines selected and that you are in the Linear color space.


  • Make sure all scene items are under a GameObject called _World


  • If your scene has any realtime reflection probes make sure they are set to Refresh Mode: By Scripting. They should also be grouped under a GameObject called Reflection_GRP They will be updated automatically every 60 seconds.

Probes.png Probes2.png

  • Make sure your scenes do not contain any Scripts (MonoBehaviours) or Cameras.
  • Mark anything that will not move or change size/rotation as Static[1]
  • Use mesh colliders sparingly, it is better to create complex colliders out of many boxes/spheres instead of using a Mesh Collider.