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The Virtual World Web is a software platform for building virtual worlds. It includes server software which can be extended with custom plugins, several scripting technologies for building interactive experiences and games, and a white-label client application called Curio that end-users use to connect to the virtual world web.

This wiki provides user and technical documentation and is maintained by the Virtual World Web Inc. staff as a documentation effort to aid our content creators, partners, and world-builders.

Infrastructure Guide

Running a service provider? This is the main documentation for the Virtual World Web infrastructure. Programming guides, API documentation, scripting documentation and more. This guide is split into 3 major sections meant for different audiences.

Misc Guides

Exporting Scenes - Help for properly exporting scenes from unity for use on the Virtual World Web.

Exporting Clothing - Help for properly exporting skinned meshes for use as clothing on Virtual World Web avatars.

Modeling for Curio - General considerations for how to build objects or scenes for Curio.