Exporting Clothing

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This page details the steps required in order to export clothing and use it in a Virtual World powered by the VWW and Curio.

First, download the character reference Unity Package, if you don't have this, contact your Service Provider to acquire a copy.

Once you've downloaded the package, import it into the Unity project that contains your clothing and the necessary File:ExportCharacterWindow.cs for character pieces.

You should see a new FBX item in your project now, and it should contain an Avatar definition AvatarDefinitionExample.png

Place your clothing items in a folder structure as follows: "Assets/Resources/Characters/<CharacterName>/FBXs" in order for them to be located by the export script.

Now select your clothing item FBX in your project window, and in the inspector open up the "Rig" tab.

Set the item to the appropriate animation type, it should match the type displayed in the Rig tab of the character reference you downloaded from the Service Provider. In this example we are using Humanoid animations.

For the avatar definition select "Copy from other Avatar" and select the avatar included in the character reference object and hit "Apply" to confirm the settings.


Once all of these steps are complete you can open your character exporter and create an AssetBundle of your clothing item.

If your character reference package came with more than one character form you will need to repeat the export process using each avatar and animation type